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Why Buy from Impro?

Dealers (You sell and service office equipment)

Impro offers many compelling value propositions to help office equipment dealers improve their profitability.

Surplus Product Offering

Discount Pricing Surplus merchandise is priced at significant discounts to prevailing wholesale markets.
Hard to Find Items Mainline distributors focus on maintaining inventory of the most popular items. Impro stocks over 25,000 distinct products, many of which are not readily available through other sources without a long lead time.
Personalized Service Each customer is assigned an account manager whose goal is to learn about your business to offer you the right products and not waste your time with irrelevant promotions.
Language Capabilities Impro’s relationship managers speak 20 languages, making it easy to communicate.
Order Accuracy Thanks to proprietary warehousing software developed over the past 10 years, paying lower prices doesn’t mean extra hassle dealing with messed up shipments.