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Fresh New Product

We are always looking to expand our supplier relationships. Our new product business operates primarily on a dropship basis, which means that our capabilities are only as good as our suppliers'.

We also do selectively stock a wide range of items, so whether you welcome dropshipping business or need us to stock the product, we look forward to having a discussion with you about whether there’s a change to basis for working together.

Genuine Original OEM Supplies

Authenticity We have absolutely zero tolerance for counterfeit products, and enthusiastically cooperate with responsible authorities to help prosecute those who traffic in fake merchandise.
Product Range We are always looking to expand our product offering, so if you can provide us with access to hard-to-find items, we look forward to talking to you.
Pricing We often price our products aggressively, and as a result, we need competitive pricing from you to make the numbers work.

Compatible Supplies

Product Quality We don't want to inconvenience our customers with poorly performing product.
Respect for OEMs' intellectual property rights No infringing molds, chips, etc
Unique Product Offering Particularly of interest is if you are able to provide us with uncommon items. Even for low-volume "oddball" items, we want to provide as wide a selection as possible to our customer base.