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Product Quality Assurance

We have heavily invested in and refined our quality control procedures over the years.

Upon receipt, each product is thoroughly inspected

We track the:

  • Cosmetic Appearance

Each product is given a grade for its appearance, from missing packaging to "factory fresh"

  • Date Code

If the product has a date on it, we record it. We assure the proper functionality of every product we sell, regardless of any date code on it. Some products will work past their expiration date, some will not.

  • Unit of measure

Many items are sold as multi-packs, kits, twin packs or combo packs. We make sure the products are as they should be, allowing you to buy with confidence.

  • Authenticity

All products are genuine brand merchandise, unless clearly otherwise indicated. We have a zero tolerance policy for counterfeit goods, and our warehouses have been inspected multiple times over the years by third parties to assure the authenticity of all goods.

It is verified a second time upon being stocked onto a shelf: