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Distributors (You provide pick, pack, and ship services for dealers)

Today’s wholesale distribution industry is extremely competitive, which means every basis point of gross margin is crucial. Impro serves as a valued extension of your purchasing team’s reach, providing you access to quality deals that otherwise wouldn’t have crossed your desk.

Aggressive Pricing We understand that in order to buy from us, there needs to be a financial incentive. Generally, in working with distributors, “you tell us where we need to be” on price and we work to meet your target numbers.
Authenticity You can’t afford to have counterfeit merchandise show up in your warehouse. Our strong track record in ensuring that fake product gets rejected means one less worry for you.
Product Quality We know you need cosmetically excellent packaging. Product with date codes needs to have enough shelf life left. We can’t send you a 2004-era box style.
Back Order Help Hunting down small quantities of oddball items consumes an outsize proportion of your purchasing team’s time. This time could be more profitably spent on other activities. Impro’s widely varied availability of uncommon items helps you get your back orders filled with a minimum of time investment.
Accuracy Administrative hassles from messed-up orders consume your staff’s valuable attention. We work hard to ensure that your order leaves correctly, every time.