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We have currently active customer relationships in 60+ countries. Each week many pallets and containers leave our facilities to destinations all over the world. Our goal is to be your “purchasing team” that collects the merchandise you need from thousands of sources in Europe and North America. You are the "sales team" distributing the products in your local market. Together, we prosper.

Pricing All prices are arrived at by a process of negotiation. We understand that market conditions are constantly changing and that if you don’t buy at the right price, you won’t be able to profitably sell.
Logistics Services Our experienced logistics team can help you find the best price & scheduling for the route you need.
Consolidation We know that it takes time to build an order big enough to be economical to ship. We respect this and are capable of storing pending orders as we keep adding product until the shipment is big enough.
Language Our sales team speaks 20 languages, which makes it easy to communicate.
Authenticity You can feel completely safe that all the merchandise we sell you is genuine original brand, unless specifically mentioned as compatible. We take great pains to keep counterfeit goods out, and work in cooperation with the manufacturers’ anti-counterfeiting groups to help prosecute those who trade in fake product.