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Impro pioneered the concept of trading surplus imaging supplies in the early 1990s. Since that time, we have evolved into a sophisticated specialized marketer of the vast array of consumables involved in putting ink on paper. If there is still a demand for your goods anywhere in the world, we can serve as your conduit to that demand. Just because a machine is obsolete in Poland doesn’t mean it might also be unwanted in the Philippines.

Our unique re-marketing capabilities enable us to extract the maximum possible value for your surplus assets.

No Deal Too Large 10 pallets? 50 pallets? 10 trailer loads? No problem.
Quick Decisions Our buyers know that time is of the essence when trying to put a deal together. Even if your list contains 500 line items, we can get a firm offer back to you quickly.
We Stock Deals In contrast to brokers who want to "quick flip" entire deals, our business model in the surplus product space is to buy first, and find a home for the product later. With our industry experience, connections, and warehousing capabilities, we don't shy away from taking inventory positions that entail significant risk.
Flexible Purchasing Methods Want to sell your 3 pallets of miscellaneous product in one go? No problem. Want per-item pricing so you can cherry pick what to sell to us and what to sell elsewhere? No problem.
Reliability Impro has been in ongoing operation since 1979. We are a trustworthy trading partner for our suppliers.
Ugly Packaging Products that are in ugly packaging are difficult to sell. We have developed techniques and relationships that allow us to successfully overcome the challenge, and therefore we welcome your "Bad box" opportunities.
Expired Similar to ugly packaging, products that carry a date code on them become almost impossible to sell once they’re expired. We have developed a unique capability over the years to do quality control assurance and find buyers for whom the date is not a problem. We look forward to helping you move your expired inventory.

Interested in getting a quote for your surplus supplies, or talking with a purchasing representative? Please Contact Our Surplus Purchasing Team