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EU Surplus Trading

In Europe, world-leading regulatory standards regarding environmental waste disposal practices create unique challenges for the office imaging industry. Whether it’s complying with WEEE or ISO 14000 requirements, adherence to corporate social responsibility goals, or simply the prohibitive cost of waste disposal within the EU, it’s not as simple as throwing away used or unused supplies, as is the case in other regions.

Impro Europe acts as a valued partner for organizations involved in e-waste, electronics recycling, used equipment recovery to help turn a nuisance and cost center into a lucrative new revenue stream.

Whatever the circumstances that lead to you having surplus unused supplies that you’re looking to move, Impro Europe stands ready to buy. With our worldwide sales relationships well established, if there exists demand for the product you have anywhere on the planet, we will buy it from you and facilitate its movement to where it is still needed, saving it from the landfill.

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